Book Review: Chasers of the Light

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Chasers of the Light: Poems from the Typewriter Series by Tyler Knott Gregson

Chasers of the Light

I wish I could remember how I discovered this book. I love trying to trace the path of how people, objects, and events came to be in my life. It’s wonderful to see how so much more is inter-connected in our world than we believe or can even comprehend.

How and why did this book come into my life, at this time of my life? Was it my quirky fascination with typewriters? Was it the joyous, tumultuous feelings of love in my heart?Β  Alas, I cannot remember, and yet that makes it all the more mysterious and destined.

Poems and poetry aren’t the genre that I frequently read. Nor write. Sure, once in a while I can come up with a decent poem. My feeling about poems is that I’m hooked if they can speak to me on an emotional level, which is probably true for most of the world.

The poems in Gregson’s book do just that. Poem after poem echoed within my soul, reminding me of the beautiful, exhausting mixture of words, longing, and love. He even includes some black out poems (which I’ve been trying my hand out for a few years now–check back often, as I might decide to post one for you, dear readers, one of these days) and his own photography. It’s all so heartfelt, creative, and inspiring!

Sure, a few of the poems are a bit syrupy sweet, and just seem trite to me. Almost to the point of cliche. But overall, the collection is solid. The poems are emotionally moving, and the photography is rather fitting. You can feel the depth of his emotions and love as a sensitive and artistic man, and get a sense of how talented he is as a poet and photographer.

For me, love and adventure are two of the best things to embolden us, give us purpose, and fan the flames of passion and wonder in us. Here’s a link to my favorite poem from his book, which happens to speak to my soul about both love and adventure.

Thanks for stopping by. ❀

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