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Much Needed Update

This page of my blog has certainly been neglected! The last time I added anything here was four years ago. Sheesh. So a quick update on my photography…

I finally won an award for one of my photographs! Back in 2014, I was awarded 3rd place for the photo below. My husband always pesters me to carry my big camera around and to quit taking photos with my cell phone. Well, the photo below was indeed taken on my cell phone, so ha!

Wheat Field - for blog

copyright © Mommyhood and Moxie, 2013-2023 copyright © Andrea L. Cuevas, 2013-2023

It’s that time of year again…

For the past 4 years, I have submitted some of my photography work to our local fair. It has a huge exhibit of photos from professionals and amateurs, and all of the photos get evaluated by a panel of judges. The top photos are awarded various ribbons. I have not yet won anything and honestly I can see why. The ribbon-winning photographs are usually sharp, stunning (yet balanced), and have depth.

Last year, I think I came close to earning a ribbon with my photo below because it was displayed on the same wall as the winning photos (but alas, still no ribbon). So that’s got to mean something, right?! Do you like it? It’s that time of year again, so I am currently going through my collection of photos and narrowing them down to my top 3 favorites to be submitted for the fair this year. Wish me luck!

copyright © Mommyhood and Moxie, 2013

copyright © Mommyhood and Moxie, 2013-2023, copyright © Andrea L. Cuevas 2013-2023

One thought on “My Photos

  1. Hi Andrea ~ your ‘blog’ is interesting to say the least. I will say that the ‘term’ of being a parent
    will last the rest of your life ~ good or bad. We’re happy that you’re finding so many fun times
    in this new venture of yours. Your dad says hello. Happy Trails..Suzanne


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