The I Spy Book Challenge

By now, you probably know that I'm all about books. Well, I am also all about creative challenges, so imagine my surprise when I found this one! It's sort of like the I Spy books where you have to find the items on the page, but this one is using books on your bookshelf. The … Continue reading The I Spy Book Challenge

Book Review: Scrappy Little Nobody

Anna Kendrick just might be my spirit animal. I recently finished reading Anna Kendrick's book, titled "Scrappy Little Nobody," and just knew from page one that I would need to write a blog post about it. As I've mentioned in my other book reviews though, I am no book critic, so don't expect much. ūüėČ … Continue reading Book Review: Scrappy Little Nobody

A Reverence for Words

rev¬∑er¬∑ence [rev-er-uhns,¬†rev-ruhns]¬†noun a¬†feeling¬†or¬†attitude¬†of¬†deep¬†respect¬†tinged¬†with¬†awe;¬†veneration The idea of a reverence for words came from one of the books I just finished reading. The¬†book's¬†story takes place in a society where written words are symbols of the past, of an era of decadence that is no longer tolerated. Writing becomes sanctioned by the people of power, which means everything … Continue reading A Reverence for Words

Baby’s First Library Card

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a book worm and a self-proclaimed word nerd. ¬†When I was a kid,¬†"Reading Rainbow" was probably one of my favorite shows. ¬†I've always made good use of the library, in person and online. ¬†I just recently started a Goodreads account so that I can connect with other … Continue reading Baby’s First Library Card