Incidents of Coincidence

Coincidences happen all the time. Sometimes, they happen so subtly that we barely give them any thought. We may pause for a second, trying to grasp at the connection, but by then the moment is gone. Other times, the coincidence is so startling or obvious that we are stunned with clarity, and at the same time confusion, as the chain of events and life’s details surrounding this crazy event all came to be.

The older you get, perhaps the more you start to see coincidences playing a part in your life. Is it Fate? Intuition? Destiny? God’s plans? Are they merely random incidents to which we want to assign meaning and make important? My husband is very scientific and he views coincidences as just indiscriminate occurrences. I’m much more spiritual and so I feel that coincidences are not random at all, but intentional. God or the Universe is trying to make me take notice.

Here’s an example of a coincidence that happened to me. Prior to getting my current job, I was confused. I wasn’t sure if teaching was for me. I was exhausted from trying to teach a class full of inner-city students who didn’t seem to care. I was upset about not having my contract renewed. I was worried about my finances. I was miserable from job-searching for a new teaching position.

And then I got a call for a job interview at a small, nonreligious, private school in my city that I had never even heard of, but I had applied for anyhow. I prayed to God, telling Him that I was skeptical and that I was nervous. I drove up to the place, and not knowing where the school’s office was, I accidentally parked in the back of the school. I got out of the car to try to locate the office, and immediately noticed a holy cross on one of the buildings. The coincidence of seeing that cross made me smile, somehow relaxed me, and I aced the interview! Eleven years later, I am still working there!

A trouble is that we can try to make everything into a coincidence, when really it’s just the daily minutiae of life happening. It can be hard to find a balance when we want to feel like we are following the right path in life, but feel lost, and so we search for coincidences that justΒ maybe aren’t there. Perhaps coincidences really are merely random events that just happen to connect to each other? Maybe they are life’s way of making things that don’t make sense to make sense.

Whatever the case, my interest in coincidences has made me so much more curious and mindful about the events in my life. They’ve also made me curious about the coincidences of others, and so I’ve been reading up on all sorts of them on the web and in books. One of my favorites is about a novel written by an author named Morgan Robertson. This novel is about an “unsinkable” ship, named the Titan, which collided with an iceberg in the month of April and sank. This story was written in 1898, which was FOURTEEN years before the real ship called the Titanic met the same fate of being called unsinkable, colliding with an iceberg in April, and sinking! Incredible!

I’d love to hear about any of your curious coincidences! Feel free to leave them in the comments. Thanks for stopping by! ❀

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