Life’s Gifts

Recently someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas, if I had a wish list. What more could I possibly wish for, want, or need?

I have been blessed with two of the most wonderful children in the world! Emily is so kind-hearted and artistic and smart! She has such a positive attitude! Logan is curious and cuddly and fun! He loves figuring things out. They have brought so much joy and love to my life, and I am so honored to be their mother. Watching them play together warms my heart, and hearing them laugh is the best! They truly are the greatest gifts I’ve ever received!

This year, I celebrated 10 years of marriage with my husband. He offered me a piggy-back ride the day I met him back in 2003, and his playful nature was definitely something which set him apart from others. We’ve had so many adventures together! The man I love is smart, funny, clever, imaginative, strong, and has an intrepid spirit. We have conversations about all sorts of topics and he encourages me to dream big. He was there to cheer me on at a critical point of my half marathon back in November. He’s made my world so much more amazing.

My health is a gift. The older I get, the more aware of this I’m becoming. I don’t get sick too often, nor am I plagued with aches and pains. I was able to do a half marathon and it didn’t kill me! Hooray! I’m actually thinking about doing it again next year to see if I can finish it faster.

There’s still a lot I can learn, but in general, God has given me the gift of talent in photography. There’s pride in seeing my work on display or having it praised by others in the photography field.

My family and friends are reliable sources of love, fun, and support. I’ve got a rewarding career working with children, and have some great coworkers. This blog’s readership has steadily grown over the years. My home is cozy, humble, and comfortable. I’ve been on some incredible and truly memorable trips around the world.

My life is a gift. This one didn’t really sink in until my brother passed away, and then it was a hard truth that every day we have is precious. Since then, I’ve tried to live a life that has more adventures and less regrets, more love and less bickering, more doing and less wishing, more spiritual guidance and less selfish pursuits. Life’s not always easy, but I pray for God to guide me to make the best decisions and to take the right paths in life.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy holidays! ❤

3 thoughts on “Life’s Gifts

  1. What a lovely posting! You are aware and willing to acknowledge each and every blessing you have received. I was so touched by the way you’ve described each and every instance and reason why. Thanks for sharing!!!

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