Photography Challenge

As some of you with a Facebook account may have seen lately, there’s a seven-day black and white photo challenge that has been going around. Every day for a week, you’re supposed to post one black and white photo of your everyday life, as well as “nominate” a friend to try the challenge. Some versions of the challenge state that you’re not allowed to give an explanation of the photos, others state that you aren’t allowed to include photos of people. It would be fun to know who starts these things and makes up the rules.

After only a few days, my news-feed has been flooded with black and white photos. Some were rather random, and some were really quite impressive. Black and white photography usually has a way of making the mundane look more intriguing. Taking away the color encourages us to see the image in a different way.

Well, I got “nominated” to do the challenge, and being the amateur photographer and amateur writer that I am, I’ve decided to put my photos here with a few words about them underneath each photo. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, this seems like the perfect time of year to do this challenge. To look for the little things in life and appreciate them more. So without further ado, here are seven black and white photos of my current everyday life. I hope you like them!


Fall is my favorite season. I love stepping on crunchy leaves. I love how stunning the trees look right now. This one was taken along one of the sidewalks at my work.


I got this souvenir from Portugal when I studied abroad there in 2003. It’s the famous Galo de Barcelos. They’re supposed to bring good luck. Behind it is a fun mouse pad I made with photos of my daughter, husband, and myself, when it was still just the three of us. Both of these items are on my desk at home, where I sit, stare at the computer screen, and somehow come up with things to write for this blog.


These are finisher’s medals for some of the races I’ve done. They’re hanging up in my living room on a nifty display/holder thing, along with all of my race bibs.

Bath Time

No reason for this one, really. I just thought my children’s rubber ducky sitting in the bathtub looked cute.


I love how my refrigerator doesn’t just hold food and keep it fresh. It keeps important documents handy, proudly displays pieces of artwork, reminds me of fond memories, and shows the love in our home.


These running shoes have been with me for over 500 miles. I’m babying them because Brooks doesn’t make this style anymore.

Caldo Verde

It’s fun to cook, and this is a photo of the beginnings of Portuguese kale soup. This is one of my favorite comfort foods to eat. It’s called caldo verde and it has linguica, kale, potatoes, garlic, and other delicious ingredients.

Challenge done. Thanks for stopping by! โค

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