Full Circle

It’s funny how a number of things in life eventually come full circle. The other day, as I was cleaning up my daughter’s room, I kept finding her tiny hair rubber-bands all over the floor. I asked her not to leave them on the floor anymore and she looked innocently at me as though she had no idea how they got there.

I smiled to myself as I remembered a similar conversation I had with my mom many years back. I had braces and had to wear rubber-bands on them for a short time. My mom would find them all over the house and get mad at me. Just like my daughter, I was innocent and had no clue how those rubber-bands got there.

Full circle.

Below is a photo-collage of two people taken when they were about the same age: me on the left, my daughter on the right. We both have a lot of hair, a big smile, and a fun horse to ride. There are differences there, too, but I love how I have a mini-me. I hope I can be as wonderful of a mommy to her as my own mom is to me. ❀

Full Circle

Full Circle

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