Flashback Friday: Motherhood, 2011

Today's Flashback Friday is dear to my heart. It's one of the original reasons for this whole blog. I became a mom in 2011 with the birth of my daughter. It's been the best, most challenging, loving, tiring, uncertain, and amazing adventure I'll ever have. I'm forever grateful to God for blessing me with motherhood. … Continue reading Flashback Friday: Motherhood, 2011

Still a New Mom

My daughter will be six years old next month and my son will be two years old in a couple of weeks, and yet oftentimes I still feel like a new mom. Even if your child is now an adult, you're sometimes still a new parent, too. With each new experience you have with your … Continue reading Still a New Mom

Full Circle

It's funny how a number of things in life eventually come full circle. The other day, as I was cleaning up my daughter's room, I kept finding her tiny hair rubber-bands all over the floor. I asked her not to leave them on the floor anymore and she looked innocently at me as though she … Continue reading Full Circle

Mommyhood Dictionary: Letters W to Z

Here's the conclusion of the Mommyhood Dictionary I started a few weeks back. I hope you've enjoyed it! W walk (v): You took your first steps when you were 14 months old. Your Nana and I were enjoying a couple of days at the beach with you (your Daddy stayed home). You learned rather quickly once you … Continue reading Mommyhood Dictionary: Letters W to Z

Mommyhood Dictionary: Letters R to V

Here's the second-to-the-last installment of my Mommyhood Dictionary. I started it a few weeks back after being inspired by a clever book I had read. R registry (n): I have to admit: I went a little nuts when it came time to select items for my registry when I was pregnant with you, Emily. We were … Continue reading Mommyhood Dictionary: Letters R to V

Mommyhood Dictionary: Letters G to L

Here's a continuation of the Mommyhood Dictionary that I started last week. I am writing it to my daughter, Emily. G girl (n):  Before the all-important ultrasound which showed you were a girl, I was convinced you were a boy, even though I really wanted a girl. I was even calling you Logan, the name … Continue reading Mommyhood Dictionary: Letters G to L