Still a New Mom

My daughter will be six years old next month and my son will be two years old in a couple of weeks, and yet oftentimes I still feel like a new mom. Even if your child is now an adult, you're sometimes still a new parent, too. With each new experience you have with your … Continue reading Still a New Mom

I Am More

I am more than just a mommy... I am a nurse. I can make bumps and boo-boos better with lots of hugs and kisses, and soothe tummy aches and fevers with mint tea or a cool wash cloth. I am a teacher. Not only do I teach my children the alphabet, shapes, and numbers, I … Continue reading I Am More

Mommyhood Dictionary: Letters W to Z

Here's the conclusion of the Mommyhood Dictionary I started a few weeks back. I hope you've enjoyed it! W walk (v): You took your first steps when you were 14 months old. Your Nana and I were enjoying a couple of days at the beach with you (your Daddy stayed home). You learned rather quickly once you … Continue reading Mommyhood Dictionary: Letters W to Z

Mommyhood Dictionary: Letters R to V

Here's the second-to-the-last installment of my Mommyhood Dictionary. I started it a few weeks back after being inspired by a clever book I had read. R registry (n): I have to admit: I went a little nuts when it came time to select items for my registry when I was pregnant with you, Emily. We were … Continue reading Mommyhood Dictionary: Letters R to V