The Tooth Fairy’s First Visit

My daughter lost her first tooth a couple of months ago. She was so excited! A few of her Kindergarten friends had begun to lose a few teeth, which I thought was rather early. Apparently, this is when it begins to happen. (Yes, I googled it just to be sure.) She had been wiggling the tooth nonstop as soon as she first noticed it was loose, and she was intentionally chewing with her front teeth just to try to get it to come out. Then one morning as she was eating breakfast, there it was. You should have seen the look of pride and happiness on her face! It was like she had won the loose tooth lottery!

As for me, I actually got a little teary eyed. It was a bittersweet event. My little girl is becoming a big girl. Next thing ya know, she’ll be a teenager. And then an adult! Where has the time gone?! One day, she’s this perfect little newborn baby, happily nursing and napping the days away. Then she’s walking. Then she’s off to her first day of school. Now she’s losing teeth. She’s already lost two of her bottom front teeth, and now she has a loose top front tooth.

Needless to say, the “tooth fairy” made this first lost tooth a big deal. As she collected the precious tooth that night, she sprinkled sparkly fairy dust (glitter) all over my daughter’s bedroom, and left her a special “1st Lost Tooth” certificate and 5 bucks. The second lost tooth only earned Emily a few dollars, and I explained to her that the tooth fairy only goes all out for the first tooth a child ever loses. Emily was happy enough, and again I was so thankful that she’s such an easy-going child!

So now I guess it’s time for my husband and I to make sure we alwaysΒ have a few dollars handy for just-in-case. With the way Emily’s top tooth is wiggling, I think the tooth fairy will have to make another visit soon in a few days!

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