Running and Theatrical Moxies

I recently took part in two events that would fall under the Moxie category. Don’t get me wrong, Mommyhood is still going along well for me and is full of daily adventures. However, to stay balanced, a mommy needs to do things for herself once in a while. Some women get a pedicure or go shopping. Both of those activities sound great, but I did something else…

I am no avid runner, and yet I keep finding myself in running events. ย A few weeks ago, I did my second half-marathon relay (only 6.5 miles) with a friend named Olivia. She ran her leg of the race in an insanely impressive time, and I did okay on mine. Slow and steady I completed the race.

My fancy medal.

My fancy medal.

This is Olivia and me after the race.

Olivia on the left, me on the right.


As for the theatrical moxie, I recently got a role in a local play of The Great Gatsby! The last time I did any theater work was about ten years ago. Also, this is one of my favorite books, so doing this play was part of my destiny. ๐Ÿ™‚ The play was last week and it was such a great experience! I played Mrs. McKee, which wasย (from the book) a combination of Catherine (Myrtle’s sister) and Mrs. Lucille McKee. The cast, crew, and production were all wonderful! It was a bit stressful trying to juggle work, mommy responsibilities, life, and the play, but so worth it! There’s a big void in my life where the play rehearsals, etc had been, but it is a little nice to have my life quiet down again.

It was fun dressing up as a flapper!

It was fun dressing up as a flapper.

With our stage manager, Dave.

With our stage manager, Dave.


the end


Me with the fellas


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