Love Is…

One of my favorite movies is Love Actually.  If you’ve never seen it, it’s a great story about all the different kinds of love, such as first love, unrequited love, new love, family love, etc.  I try to watch it at least once a year, usually around the holidays.  Having watched it again recently, I was inspired to write this post.

Love is…

  • hearing your child exclaim, “Momma!” when you walk in the front door.
  • a library card key chain that shows signs of being well-used.
  • getting emails “from the future” from one of your best friends because she lives eight time zones away while she is studying at Oxford University in England.
  • driving all over town with your husband on a quest to find Twinkies after the company that made them announced they were closing.
  • doggy kisses and abundant tail-wagging from your dog when you get home.
  • trying to cook Mexican food for your husband the way his mom does, even though you’re white.
  • the perfect cup of Earl Grey tea on Sunday mornings.
  • sharing a dessert with friends when you’re at a restaurant so you all consume fewer calories.
  • feeling excited when you see a steam engine in a movie preview because you know your brothers and dad are going to flip out when they see it.
  • having one of your students tell you that she used to hate school, but because of you, now she loves it.
  • watching my mom play with my daughter, Emily, and knowing my mom played the same silly games with me when I was a baby.
  • feeling liquid sunshine pour through your body and straight into your soul when you realize it’s no longer just a crush.
  • a realization that God has put so many beautiful things in this world to enjoy and appreciate, and taking photos of these things is a talent you possess.
  • rocking a baby to sleep in your arms.
  • What is love? “…baby don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me…no more.” (Submitted via Facebook by my friend, Marc.)
  • “A choice and commitment you make everyday. You must choose not to be swayed by emotions but commit yourself to be patient, understanding, empathetic, forgiving, and persistent.” (Submitted via Facebook by one of my sisters-in-law, Angie.)
  • “Love is true, personal, and the piece of your spirit that you give to others as an outer extension of an inner feeling.” (Submitted via Facebook by my friend, Priscilla.)

If you have any more, please feel free to leave a comment. If any of these spoke to your heart, please click “Like” or “Follow.” Thanks!

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