NatureDust swirling in a warm breeze,The earthy smell of wet dirt,Crunchy sand between one's toes,The full, silvery moon on a clear night,Drifting, weightless butterflies,The rough bark of a cedar tree,Sweet, fragrant orange blossoms,The solemn silence of the desert,Gentle ripples along a lake's edge,The juicy tartness of wild blackberries,Haunting howls from a wolf,The salty air of … Continue reading Nature


Impatient Do you lie awake at night, feeling the same anxious longing? Does your heart beat, with the same bittersweet impatience? Time seems to drag on so slowly, without thought or care of my restless soul. There are thousands of words still unsaid between us. I wait with a heavy, hopeful heart. Happy Easter tomorrow! … Continue reading Impatient

National Poetry Writing Month

It's April, which means it's time for National Poetry Writing Month! If you aren't familiar with it, then go ahead and click here. This project devotes a whole month to writing poetry every day, which sounds super creative, but honestly, a little daunting to me. I figured that I'll just try to challenge myself to … Continue reading National Poetry Writing Month

A Reverence for Words

rev·er·ence [rev-er-uhns, rev-ruhns] noun a feeling or attitude of deep respect tinged with awe; veneration The idea of a reverence for words came from one of the books I just finished reading. The book's story takes place in a society where written words are symbols of the past, of an era of decadence that is no longer tolerated. Writing becomes sanctioned by the people of power, which means everything … Continue reading A Reverence for Words