Halloween: Covid19 Style

Like many people, we chose not to take our children to the pumpkin patch nor trick-or-treating this year for Halloween. Some people might say that our kids missed out, but I disagree. It was obviously safer for all of us to stay at home. Don't worry, we made sure to have fun as a family! … Continue reading Halloween: Covid19 Style

Making Memories

Isn't it interesting how memories are made? Sometimes, you make them intentionally. This could be done with taking part in traditions or attending special events. Sometimes, they happen out of life's circumstances and seemingly random events. There are happy memories, such as graduating from college. There are sad memories, such as a loved one passing … Continue reading Making Memories

Mommyhood Dictionary: Letters W to Z

Here's the conclusion of the Mommyhood Dictionary I started a few weeks back. I hope you've enjoyed it! W walk (v):ย You took your first steps when you were 14 months old. Your Nana and I were enjoying a couple of days at the beach with you (your Daddy stayed home).ย You learned rather quickly once you … Continue reading Mommyhood Dictionary: Letters W to Z

Mommyhood Dictionary: Letters R to V

Here's the second-to-the-last installment of my Mommyhood Dictionary. I started it a few weeks back after being inspired by a clever book I had read. R registry (n):ย I have to admit: I went a little nuts when it came time to select items for my registry when I was pregnant with you, Emily. We were … Continue reading Mommyhood Dictionary: Letters R to V