To finish up my short series of photography posts, this last set will showcase the different ways I've captured light or found something noteworthy about light in my work. The posts before this included Tiles, with Windows before that, and Stained Glass to start the whole thing. To get us started, here's a photo I … Continue reading Light


Welcome back! We're continuing the short series of photography posts that I started a few weeks ago. If you missed them, we started off with stained glass and then moved on to windows. You can find them on the homepage or by scrolling down to the list of my recently published posts (found on the … Continue reading Tiles


Welcome back to my short series of posts showcasing some of my various photography. In my previous one, the focal point was stained glass. I hope you enjoyed those photos. For this post, I decided that I needed to share my photography of various cool or unique-looking windows with all of you. Makes sense, right? … Continue reading Windows


It's interesting how a pile of rocks, under the right conditions, can turn out to be something beautiful and artistic. I'm talking about cairns. The word comes from a Gaelic term that means “heap of stones.” I was lucky enough to see an ancient and authentic Scottish cairn when I was in Edinburgh, Scotland with … Continue reading Cairns