Back to School Shopping

It's that time again! It's time to go shopping for back to school! Woo! Call me a nerd, but I've always loved back to school shopping. As a teacher for the past twelve years, it's been great to be able to buy school supplies for my classroom. So many folders, index cards, markers, planners, high … Continue reading Back to School Shopping

Summer Traveling

Summer break is winding down. In a couple of weeks, my husband and I will be back to teaching, my daughter will be back to school (Kindergarten, here she comes!), and my son will be back with his babysitter/nanny. I try to make our summers spent together as fun as I can. This summer, we … Continue reading Summer Traveling


I was thinking about love the other day, and what a wondrous thing it is. The archaeologist in me wonders where the human race would be without love and who the first humans were to label it. Love is not necessary for our survival, yet it's so essential to us that I don't think we … Continue reading Love