10 Books of Summer: Completed!

If you remember from this previous post, I had started a challenge to read ten books (between June 1 and September 1) from my to-read list. This post is a follow up. I am happy to say that I indeed completed the challenge, even though I had only two days left to finish my last … Continue reading 10 Books of Summer: Completed!

Street Markets

Summer always seems to be the best time to visit a farmer's market or other outdoor/street market. There's so much fresh, summer produce! Ripe tomatoes, juicy blueberries, crunchy cucumbers. There are fragrant bouquets of flowers. There are hand-crafted items made by skilled artisans. There are delicious cheeses, golden honeys, fun jewelry, homemade soaps, hand-carved wooden … Continue reading Street Markets


It's interesting how a pile of rocks, under the right conditions, can turn out to be something beautiful and artistic. I'm talking about cairns. The word comes from a Gaelic term that means “heap of stones.” I was lucky enough to see an ancient and authentic Scottish cairn when I was in Edinburgh, Scotland with … Continue reading Cairns