To finish up my short series of photography posts, this last set will showcase the different ways I’ve captured light or found something noteworthy about light in my work. The posts before this included Tiles, with Windows before that, and Stained Glass to start the whole thing.

To get us started, here’s a photo I took of the sun and some sunflowers. There was this huge field of them and they just looked so bright and cheerful. They weren’t very tall yet, so I had to crouch down in order to get the sun in the frame just right.

Do you see how these next three are all related?

This photo was taken in Mission San Juan Capistrano. It was mesmerizing to watch all of those many flames flickering softly, with the red jars quite bright. All of those candles gave off a literal warm glow.

This one is blurry, I’ll admit. I was trying to capture the reflection of some of the bright lights of Las Vegas in the water. It’s neat how the water mutes the harshness of the lights.

These next two dazzled me when I saw them. Again, they don’t quite capture the full impact, but I do hope you sense what I was trying to achieve. By the way, trying to photograph exploding fireworks is not easy.

If you’ve ever heard the expression “There’s light at the end of the tunnel,” then this next photo will make more sense. It’s my literal interpretation of that phrase. I saw this when wandering around San Francisco some years ago.

Foo Fighters concert, 2017. A slower song comes on, and little by little the arena begins to light up with hundreds of little lights. I get out my phone to snap a super quick photo, and then turn on my phone’s flash light to be a part of the magic. My daughter didn’t understand why I chose this one to be included until I explained to her about how lighters used to be used at concerts for this purpose, but now everyone carries around a cell phone.

This last one is my favorite. A few years ago, my mom, kids, and I went to this outdoor light/art installation called Sensorio. It was truly stunning! This is the best photo I took there and I am quite proud of it. The silhouettes of the black oak trees in the background and the sea of colorful lights across the field are all composed well here.

In case you’re wondering, almost all of the photos I used in the entire series are in their raw, original form. I edited only a total of three of them. This concludes my series of different themed photography. I hope you liked it! In the comments below, feel free to let me know which was your favorite.

As always, thanks for stopping by. ❀

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