Welcome back to my short series of posts showcasing some of my various photography. In my previous one, the focal point was stained glass. I hope you enjoyed those photos. For this post, I decided that I needed to share my photography of various cool or unique-looking windows with all of you. Makes sense, right? Going from stained glass to windows?

This first one below was taken inside the atrium area of the Seattle Central Library. I love all the structure and geometric lines, but also how the ever-present Seattle rain on the windows adds a soft touch of nature in an otherwise stunning piece of modern architecture.

I saw these next two windows at Santo TomΓ‘s Winery in Ensenada, Mexico a number of years ago. I love how the window on the left is surrounded by ivy leaves. The wrought iron work on the window on the right adds a bit of decoration and artistry to it. (If you look closely, you can see a reflection of my hand and camera in the glass.)

Below isn’t a window in the traditional sense. I believe it’s supposed to be an arrow loop on a replica castle in Napa Valley. An arrow loop (also called an arrow slit) would have been used by archers to defend the castle. Easy to aim out, but not as easy for the enemy to aim in.

These last two photos were taken at the ruins of Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh, Scotland. They were beautiful just as they were: standing stoically among the rubble and empty skeleton of the once grand abbey, the passing centuries and the wet, Scottish climate slowly weathering them away. I bet the windows looked spectacular when they had stained glass in them hundreds of years ago.

Be sure to check back soon for my next set of photos. As always, thanks for stopping by. ❀

2 thoughts on “Windows

  1. Beautiful photos!! I am always fascinated by how ornate windows are over in other countries- especially the older historical sites. Those on Scotland were amazing!!!

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