Stained Glass

While going through my photos the other day, there were a few themes that seemed to repeat. One of them was stained glass. Have you ever noticed how beautiful stained glass is? All the colorful bits of glass have been carefully and thoughtfully arranged into a work of art. It’s probably my favorite form of art.

I can’t be sure, but I think my fascination with stained glass started when I was a young elementary student. I attended a Catholic school, and every Friday we all would walk to the church just down the street for mass. From what I remember, the stained glass inside was so pretty.

Please enjoy these various stained glass pieces I’ve photographed. As a side note, I hope the settings on your screen are decent, otherwise the colors aren’t going to display very vividly for you. This first one is a set of stained glass panels in a church in England. My photo doesn’t do it justice, but you certainly can see the amount of work that went into creating those windows.

This next piece of art is hanging by my patio door. It was a Mother’s Day gift a few years ago and is really lovely when the sun is shining through it.

Next up, check out the beautiful details in all of these stained glass panels in Christ Church in Oxford, England. Click here for more information. I believe it’s called the St. Frideswide Window. Again, my photo just doesn’t capture the incredible artistry of it.

Below are some more photos of the various stained glass work found inside the Hall at Christ Church in Oxford. If you closely at the bottom corners of the panels in the photo on the right, you’ll see some characters from Alice in Wonderland. Click here to read more about them.

So this is not stained glass in the traditional sense, but all of those little flowers are made of colorful glass. I found them on the ceiling of a hotel lobby in San Diego.

This is my Scentsy wax warmer. It resembles stained glass, even though it’s more like a mosaic of broken bits of colorful glass. When it’s on, it casts colorful streaks and interesting designs on the wall and shelf.

These are some of the stained glass windows inside the church I go to now. They’re simple, yet artistic and elegant.

Also inside my church is this stained glass window featuring a beehive.🐝 So awesome! See Proverbs 16:24. I love it!

This last one is of a tattoo I am thinking of getting some day. I am not sure about it because although it would look great for a while, the colors would eventually start to melt together. (photo credit is unknown)

Here are a couple of neat websites about stained glass, if you’re interested:

Check back soon for my next set of themed photographs. As always, thanks for stopping by. ❀

4 thoughts on “Stained Glass

  1. I have always been fascinated by stained glass windows. My favorite thing to do while we were waiting for mass to begin at St. Johns Church was to just be mesmerized by their beauty. That tattoo would be amazing, but you are correct- the colors would eventually fade. 😦 Look forward to your next blog post!

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