Medal Monday

Over the years, I have amassed a number of medals from the different races and runs I’ve completed. Some of them are silly, such as the medal in the shape of a plate of pie which I got for doing a Pi/Pie Day run a few years back. A few are whimsical, such as the medal that has the Emerald City and a pair of ruby slippers on it that I received for doing a Wizard of Oz-themed run. I’ve also saved my race bibs, and they (and the medals) are hanging on a nifty holder/display thing that I got from Etsy.

Pictured below are three medals from my collection which I feel need to been shown off to more than just the inhabitants of my house. And so, here we are. The one on the left is being featured because I love living in California. It’s cool how elements of the California state flag are incorporated on the medal. It was my first “virtual” race, which some die-hard runners don’t count as real races, but whatever.

The one in the middle is my Inaugural Wonder Woman Run medal. The “W” emblem in the center spins! The whole thing is hefty and the ribbon has big white stars on it. It’s a rather bad ass medal, almost how I picture an Olympic gold medal to look. The race swag that was included was pretty awesome, as well.

The medal on the right was from a wizard-themed run. Not going to lie, I geeked out a little lot when I learned about the existence of this one. My daughter and I are both devoted Harry Potter fans, so we thought this was really cool. I love the phoenix on the medal, which is also on the shirt that came with it. It’s a really awesome design.

I haven’t done many races these days. Or running at all, for that matter. The last race I did was two years ago. Nowadays, my time is spent on my children’s interests, hobbies, and outings. (Life of a mom, I guess.) Later this year, we are going to do a donut fun-run, and my children will get a silly medal of a donut to add to their own collection…as well as an actual donut to eat, which they seem more excited about than the run. (Life of a mom, indeed.)

By the way, contrary to how the title of this post may sound, I won’t be featuring different medals each Monday. I just needed a catchy title.

As always, thanks for stopping by. โค

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