An Attempt at Poetry

While taking my dog out for a jog just the other day, life felt good, the weather felt great, and I felt inspired to write a poem.

The morning was quite lovely with a soft breeze, although heavy clouds started rolling in as the day continued. It was raining by the early afternoon, but the clouds parted just long enough the next morning to see a bright sunrise and a pretty rainbow before it started raining again. It was really glorious! The calm and the quiet wonder I felt those two days were just what my soul needed. The breeze stirred something in me, the sound and smell of the rain soothed my spirit, and my one poem turned into two poems.

Swirling Air

I whispered your name into the gentle breeze
and hoped that the sweetness and light in my voice
would carry through the softly swirling air,
into your heart,
and settle warmly in your soul.
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Here’s the other poem:


The dazzling morning sun
and the shimmering rainbow across the misty sky
reminded me
that whatever happens,
or doesn't happen,
life is full of beauty and hope.

Writing poetry is really difficult for me because I usually overthink it and worry if the whole thing sounds corny. These poems don’t fully capture the beauty, peace, and inspiration I felt, but they will do.

Have a nice weekend, readers! As always, thanks for stopping by. ❀

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