Ways to Balance Your Mind, Body, and Soul

It seems like one of the major buzzwords of the Covid pandemic was “self-care.” In today’s blog post, we’re going to talk about the importance of self-care, and find ways to create more balance between the mind, body, and soul.

More often than not, life is hectic when you’re an adult. Different responsibilities present themselves throughout life and can become a source of stress. You find yourself working more and playing less, if at all. There are bills to pay; struggling with finances is a definite worry. There are deadlines to meet and expectations to fulfill. The hardships and tragedies of the world can weigh heavily on one’s spirit.

Being a parent brings about a whole other level of stress and seemingly constant motion (and, of course, joy), all while trying to juggle the different responsibilities of adult life. Sometimes, it all seems like a lot to handle and/or navigate.

With that being said, it’s no surprise that most of us are not taking very good care of ourselves. Taking care of yourself might seem like an obvious habit for your well-being, but it’s really not so cut and dry in today’s fast paced, extrinsically motivated world.

So if you’re feeling a bit worn out, dazed, or can’t remember the last time you did something kind for yourself, you’re not alone. Below are a variety of ways in which you can practice some self-care, so feel free to try out the ones that work for you.

  1. read a book
  2. try to relax, whether in a bubble bath, a hammock, or just for a few minutes on the couch
    • In the words of Banksy, “If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.”
  3. connect with nature, even if only in your backyard
  4. say no (this could mean saying no to extra work or projects, or something simpler, such as no to making dinner–maybe order a pizza, instead)
  5. appreciate and have gratitude
    • bonus self care points if you hand-write “thank you” notes to people, like I do–it’s personal and thoughtful and shows good manners
  6. enjoy a hobby, keep a journal, volunteer somewhere, or explore your creative side with a class
  7. drink more water
  8. go somewhere new and have an adventure, even if it’s just somewhere local
  9. connect with friends and loved ones
    • quality social interactions can reduce stress and depression
  10. try to shrug off life’s little nuisances (this is a hard one for me)
  11. pray and/or meditate
  12. savor your food, don’t just gobble it down
    • so many of our senses (beyond taste and smell) are involved in enjoying our food: slow down and be mindful of your meal
  13. follow your intuition
  14. treat yourself once in a while
    • Doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. I’ll indulge in a Beard Papa’s cream puff every so often or I’ll give myself a pedicure.)
  15. hug often
  16. disconnect for a bit (all this screen time is bad for us, and yes, I understand the irony that my blog is online)
  17. stretch and/or exercise if you can– doesn’t have to be strenuous, just enough to get your blood flowing and your mood boosted
  18. be forgiving of others and of yourself
  19. engage in random acts of kindness

20. This last one’s long, so it gets its own paragraph. Immerse yourself in something fun whenever you can. I like to blow soap bubbles and color in coloring books with my kids. One of my good friends likes to have movie marathons at her house. My husband does wood-working in the garage and has made some impressive pieces. A work colleague really enjoys baking, and brings in bites for us to try. I love going to a theme park every so often to ride the roller coasters. As you can see, some of these things take time, while some don’t take too much at all. Some require some money, others not so much. If it makes you feel alive and joyful and like a kid again, you’re probably doing it right.

And just so you know, today happens to be National Play-Doh Day. I bought each of my students a small container of it, because why the heck not?! Having fun is an important part of life and I like to celebrate stuff like this. I can’t wait to see their reactions when it’s National Bubble Wrap Day in January!

I understand that some of the suggestions on the list might appear a bit too simple, while others might seem impossible for your lifestyle. Hopefully there’s at least three here that will work for you. Feel free to tell me about them in the comments.

Have a good weekend, everyone. As always, thanks for stopping by. โค

3 thoughts on “Ways to Balance Your Mind, Body, and Soul

  1. Very good ideas- and so true, I do not take time as often as I should to relax and recharge. Sometimes even when I am โ€œrelaxingโ€ I find it hard to turn my brain off work mode, but I am trying harder each weekend to get time to read my books and just enjoy quiet time.

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