It’s interesting, and oftentimes curious, just how significant something small and unassuming can become in our every day life merely by its unexpected presence. The same can be said about something such as a splinter, but this post is about something much more beautiful, elegant, and delightful: a hummingbird.

Symbolism doesn’t play a huge part in my life, but in my efforts to be more mindful, I have become more aware of the subtle nuances of life. I’ve been on a spiritual journey to become closer to God and take note of His works. I’ve also become more appreciative of things that might not be noticed or beautiful by conventional standards. The world becomes a truly amazing place when you take notice of the big and small wonders around you.

Within the past few days, a hummingbird has graced my presence in some noteworthy ways. First of all, the page for May of the wall calendar that a student gave me featured a beautiful photo of a hummingbird. I didn’t think much of it at the time.

This is the calendar.

Next, I purchased a “welcome baby” greeting card the other day for a coworker who is pregnant. It came in a cellophane sleeve to protect it, so I couldn’t open it until I got home. When I did get home and opened it up to write my message, out fell a hummingbird sticker to seal the card’s envelope. Just a simple, golden seal that landed right side up on my desk. The company who made the card is Papyrus and as you can see on their website, the hummingbird is part of their logo. Now I was starting to take notice.

Most recently though, was the most noticeable interaction with a hummingbird. There’s a pair on the school campus, and my students and I often see one or both zipping around. The birds make small chirping noises. Sometimes, just one will be hovering around the grassy area right outside my classroom. I’m really not sure what it’s doing, but it has been mesmerizing to watch nonetheless. Anyhow, the female flew into my classroom after school and I definitely took notice (don’t worry, she was safely and gently put back outside).

I’ve been thinking about what the universe is trying to tell me. I did a little bit of researching online, but I didn’t find any definitive information about hummingbirds in a Christian context. They’re not mentioned in the Bible. Symbolically, hummingbirds represent lightness and joy. I like the sound of that! And did you know that hummingbirds are only found in the Americas? In Europe, you might see a hummingbird hawk-moth, which looks a lot like a hummingbird, but is an insect!

So until I find more information about hummingbirds, I shall continue to appreciate (and give) lightness and joy in everything, as well as be on the look-out for more instances of hummingbirds gracing my life.

UPDATE May 14: I had bought a pretty stained glass window hanging last year, and my husband was supposed to hang it up for me. He never got around to it and so it’s been sitting in the box all this time. I had forgotten exactly what was on it. Today, I took it out of the box and hung it up myself. It has hummingbirds!

Lovely hummingbirds and flowers.

As always, thanks for stopping by. โค๏ธ

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