Flashback Friday: Motherhood, 2011

Today’s Flashback Friday is dear to my heart. It’s one of the original reasons for this whole blog.

I became a mom in 2011 with the birth of my daughter. It’s been the best, most challenging, loving, tiring, uncertain, and amazing adventure I’ll ever have. I’m forever grateful to God for blessing me with motherhood.

I had fun putting together this collage of my growing baby bump. Using the timer on my camera, I was able to snap a photo each week. Emily was born right on week 37. The last photo was taken when we returned from the hospital.
She’s not even a day old here. Look at all her hair!

I’m really grateful my husband snapped this photo of me with my newborn girl. My hospital bracelets, tape from the IV, messed-up hair from labor, and the baby blanket draped over me until the next breast-feeding session are all beautiful in their own way. The true heart of this photo, however, is the beautiful connection between a brand new mother and her brand new baby. I don’t look vulnerable or scared. I don’t look phony with makeup and brushed hair. I look radiant and in awe of this most amazing miracle that I grew in my body and pushed into the world.

Emily will be 11 years old later this year and she’s still a wondrous thing. I also have my sweet little boy, who will be 7 years old later this year. He absolutely warms my heart and brings joy to everything and everyone. Both of them are the lights of my life and the best blessings that I’ve ever been given. Without a doubt.

This concludes my Flashback Friday series. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. Check back often to see what else I’m writing about.

As always, thanks for stopping by. โค

3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Motherhood, 2011

  1. Totally agree- motherhood is the best thing that’s ever happened! Of course it’s also the main reason for my ever graying hair. Lol Love that photo. I have a few similar to yours, so happy to look back at those photos.

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