Flashback Friday: Skydiving, 2012

Let’s take this Flashback Friday to the year 2012, when I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.

My friend and former co-worker Kristin and I went skydiving during Spring Break that year. We both had been wanting to skydive for a few years, but no one ever wanted to join the fun. So, it worked out really well for us to become friends and eventually go skydiving together.

There are a ton of legal documents they make you sign, and they had us watch a video about the risks of skydiving. The paperwork and video took longer than the actual dive. Then we met the guys we were trusting with our lives. Paul was my tandem instructor. Kristin and I got strapped into our harnesses, boarded the rickety plane with our instructors and all the other jumpers, and we were on our way.

The most nerve-wracking parts were sitting in the plane next to the open door and standing on this really narrow ledge right before you sky dive. The free fall felt more like floating than falling and happened really quickly. Then I heard the beeping of Paul’s altimeter, he deployed our parachute, and we slowly drifted back down. Seeing the landscape from that high up was such an incredible experience! It was a beautiful patchwork of greens and browns. We landed on our feet (the video had said most people land on their butt) and that was that. I sky dived.

It was another amazing experience in my life, one that makes me feel like a bad ass for scratching it off my bucket list.

As always, thanks for stopping by. ❤

One thought on “Flashback Friday: Skydiving, 2012

  1. Oh my GOSH!!! I think this must have been one of the most thrilling things ever! I am so afraid to do that, I would have to have do the tandem jump, because my fear of falling would literally prevent me from “jumping” out of the plane. Wow!!! You go cousin!

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