Flashback Friday: Raiders Game, 2016

I love football. The crowds, the noise, the incredible plays, the athleticism, the rivalries… In that stadium, greatness is up for grabs. By the end of the night, one team ends up taking home the glory.

I’m talking about the American variety of football, although I do love soccer, too. The Super Bowl is done and over for the year (major bummer for the Bengals), and it was the inspiration for today’s Flashback Friday!

So much fun! Go Raiders!

The Raiders are my favorite team. I became a fan after going to my first pro-football game many years ago with a boyfriend who introduced me to the sport and to his favorite team. I’ve been fortunate to have gone to a handful of games since then. Tailgating before the game is so much fun! Sitting with all of the cheering fans in the stadium is crazy! Unfortunately, the Raiders up and moved from Oakland to Las Vegas, so I really don’t know when I’ll be going to another game anytime soon.

The photo above was from the last Raiders game I attended, back in 2016. A parent of one of my former students was a season ticket holder with a rather nice suite, and he invited me and a few of my family and friends to go join him and his group for the game. It was so incredible! Parking, food, drinks, and a great view of the field were all included! Way better than the “nose bleed” seats I was used to. The Raiders ended up winning 38-24 over the Buffalo Bills that afternoon.

As always, thanks for stopping by. ❤

4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Raiders Game, 2016

  1. This looked like it was such an amazing time!!! Brian and I had a similar experience back in NJ. It was an Eagles (our team Go Birds!!) game on a Veteran’s Day weekend- they asked active duty folks from each branch to run the flag before the team on the field! So, Brian ran the Air Force flag in his dress uniform while all the team ran behind him at the start of the game. We got to go down on the field, and got to watch the game for free. It was soooo awesome. Not as nice as your box seats though. haha

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