Let’s Get This Three Day Weekend Started

Today starts a 3-day weekend here in America for Labor Day! The hammock, under an old pecan tree in my backyard, is beckoning me and I shall answer its call. The piles of laundry that need washing? They can wait. The students’ math tests that I brought home to grade? Maybe I’ll get around to them on Monday afternoon. The bougainvillea that needs trimming back from the window yet again? Nope, not going to worry about it.

While we’re on the topic, here’s a fun little web article I found regarding 3-day weekends and why they’re better for companies and everyone in general: Why Every Weekend Should Be a 3 Day Weekend, According to Science

If it all works out for me and my grand plans for relaxation (which it usually doesn’t because I’m a mom, but I can still hope), I’ll be on that hammock for most of the weekend, finishing up a book about a heart transplant recipient. It’s teen fiction so it’s an easy read, but a really great story so far. This working mama has earned a little break.

Have a nice weekend, everyone. As always, thanks for stopping by. โค

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