I Tried

Hello and happy Sunday! I’m thrilled to report that my blog has surpassed 8,000 total views since I first started it up! Thank you to anyone who has stopped by at least once, and to my dedicated “regulars,” and to everyone who has signed up to follow my blog. I truly appreciate the encouragement and support from all of you dear readers.

Here’s a poem I wrote last month, but it has taken me forever to have a moment to refine it and get it typed up on here. I think this will be my last poem for a while. Let me know what you think of it.

I Tried

I tried counting all the stars for you, but my eyes got blurry and I lost track.
I tried following the wind for you, but I couldn't run fast enough.
I tried painting the sunset in the sky for you, but I didn't have all the colors.
I tried writing a beautiful story for you, but the words were never quite right.
I tried having courage for you, and I will never regret that I was successful at least in that.

As always, thanks for stopping by. ❀

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