Midsummer Check-In

Being a teacher, I try to spend my summer days relaxing (especially after this particularly stressful and exhausting school year). My summer to-do list starts off with a number of things on it, and although I cross off some of them as the weeks go by, I find myself adding to it and so it never seems to get any shorter. Yes, it’s already July, but I am working on a few different blog posts for the remainder of the summer, so I do hope you’ll come back and check them out. Mommyhood and Moxie is also quickly approaching 8000 views (!!!), so I’m trying to think of a clever way to celebrate. Cake is always a wise (and delicious) choice, but doesn’t translate well into writing. If you have any ideas, leave me some in the comments.

For now, here’s another poem I recently created.

Body Language

The rosy hue which bloomed on my cheeks.
The quickened pace of my heart's beating.
The playful twinkle in my eyes.
The smile on my face and in my voice.
Perhaps you picked up on my secret long before I told it.

As always, thanks for stopping by. โค

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