Dust swirling in a warm breeze,
The earthy smell of wet dirt,
Crunchy sand between one's toes,
The full, silvery moon on a clear night,
Drifting, weightless butterflies,
The rough bark of a cedar tree,
Sweet, fragrant orange blossoms,
The solemn silence of the desert,
Gentle ripples along a lake's edge,
The juicy tartness of wild blackberries,
Haunting howls from a wolf,
The salty air of the sea,
Brilliant gold and fiery red leaves of autumn,
The steady beating of the human heart.

This poetry-writing task has really challenged me to think differently. For this one, I wanted to capture some of the beauty of nature based on all five of our senses. Taste was the most difficult one.

As always, thanks for stopping by. โค

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