Time Capsule

The other day, I was watching a movie where the characters dug up a time capsule they had buried during their childhood. A small assortment of items were brought out: a friendship bracelet, a baseball, a ticket stub to a rock concert… Trinkets of youth that had held special meaning at the time they were placed in the capsule.

My little brother and I once buried a sort of “time capsule” in our backyard when we were kids. Our time capsule was something that we thought might actually withstand the elements of nature and the course of time: an empty 2-liter soda bottle. I can’t remember how old we were or what exactly we put in it. I think Michael maybe put in a small toy car. I think I put in a photo of me with my best friend. I’m pretty sure I put in a letter that I wrote to my future self, while my brother likely included a drawing of a train. I do for sure remember where we buried it: exactly ten “paces” out from the right-hand corner of the deck in our backyard.

My older brother Thomas, me in the middle, and my younger brother Michael. September 8, 1985

Alas, the capsule got forgotten and our childhood home got sold, so we never dug it up. I’d like to hope that the new owners found it while they were digging up the yard to put in trees and had been amazed at what they discovered (if any of it would have somehow remained in-tact). For a brief  moment in time, my younger brother and I may have been the curious stuff of legend, local history, and whimsical childhood antics.

So coming back to the present, these are the things I’d put in a time capsule of my life now as an adult:

  • Some photographs of important people and memorable/milestone events in my life, such as my college graduation, wedding, my parents, my children, close friends, awesome concerts, etc.
  • A newspaper from the day that I buried the capsule so that I could read/remember all about what was happening in the world at this time. Especially important these days.
  • I’d also include a grocery store flyer so that I could reflect on the price of things.
  • A copy of my favorite book. I have too many favorite books. If I put them all in my time capsule, there wouldn’t be any room for anything else!
  • Although the technology might not be available to listen to or watch them in the future, I think I’d place a CD of my all-time favorite songs (ranging in time from the Beatles to Foo Fighters) burned onto it, as well as a DVD of my favorite movie in my time capsule.
    • (For those who are curious about the movie, it would be an impossible decision between Love Actually, Wonder Woman, the entire Harry Potter movie collection, and You’ve Got Mail.)
  • A menu from my favorite restaurant.
  • Maybe a list of the websites I frequent most. It would be amazing to see if they still work!
  • Since technology is always improving and therefore becoming outdated, I’d include a TV remote or a cell phone.
  • A list of all my favorite local spots (including their addresses) for hanging out, shopping, dining, art, etc.
  • Some money! That way I’d gift my future self with some cash!
  • Of course I’d leave a letter to myself.

Now that I’m thinking about it, this summer might be the right time for me to help my daughter and son put together their own time capsule to be buried in our backyard. If things go well, I might just write a follow-up story, so be sure to check back. As it is, it’s fun to think that this blog is an electronic time capsule of sorts.

As always, thanks for stopping by. ❤

One thought on “Time Capsule

  1. Hi!! You could always go back to your childhood home and ask the owners if you could see if your capsule is still there. Explain your story, if I had someone knocking with a childhood story like that, I’d let them try.
    Time capsules are always fun. Make it a treasure hunt for your 2 times great grandchildren or something. Lol

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