Reopening the Library

       When non-essential businesses had to close up at the beginning of the shelter-in-place orders, I really wasn’t too bothered by it. My family and I try to live within our means and by the motto, “Live simply, so others can simply live.” Fortunately, it hasn’t been too drastic of a change for us. I think it’s been 65 days, but I quit counting somewhere around Day 16.
       Well, the one closure that did bother me was the closure of the public libraries around here. I don’t care about getting a haircut these days or hanging out with tons of people at a bar, but I do care about books and reading them. Fortunately, I have plenty of books around my house that have been getting me through these quarantine days. And yes, as much as I love actual books, I do have some eBooks that I’ve downloaded, too.
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       Now that a few non-essential businesses are beginning to open back up, I was so thrilled to learn that as of a few days ago, the libraries in my city are (sort of) back open! Only the librarians are allowed inside, but they are letting patrons check out books online or over the phone to be picked up at the door.
       Naturally, I went online to my library account, found a book on my to-read list that was available at the local branch, called them up, checked it out over the phone, then drove over to pick it up curbside. I parked parallel to the library’s doors, and it was like Christmas morning while I waited with eager, childlike anticipation for the librarian to come out with my book.
       It was probably less than a minute before the automatic sliding doors opened and the librarian, decked out in gloves and a mask, gloriously appeared holding my requested book. She maintained a safe distance from my car window, and after we exchanged pleasant, customary greetings, she handed over the precious book. I genuinely and happily thanked her and then drove back home.
       One day, I will tell my grandchildren about this experience of using a “drive-thru” library. While there wasn’t the classic aroma of stale, aged paper and I couldn’t leisurely stroll up and down the shelves looking for books to catch my eye, it was still a rather memorable moment for me during this coronavirus quarantine experience. I wanted to be sure to write it all down and I hope you enjoy reading about it.
      As always, thanks for stopping by. ❤

One thought on “Reopening the Library

  1. This is great! Our library started online/curbside a few weeks ago. I still HAVE to smell the books, and I love the feel of an old book in my hands. I seriously hope that actual books never go away. Digital media is nice and all, but will never compare.


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