For the past few days, with the constant news updates, people rushing to the store to stockpile disinfecting wipes and hoard toilet paper, numerous public events being canceled, schools closing, and the fear that comes when the word “pandemic” is officially declared, I’ve been trying to put it all together and come up with the right word for it all.


There it is. This whole experience seems surreal. People are catching this virus at an alarming rate, with death rates at a very concerning level. Government leaders are having to make tough decisions. We’re cautiously keeping our distance from others. The stock market has taken massive hits. There’s an underlying feeling of panic starting to emerge. Misinformation and fear are spreading….

black and brown stairs beside window

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It’s all so very surreal. Just within weeks, it almost seems like things have progressed to the stuff of a post apocalyptic future that we read about in novels.

And yet, I look outside the window to my back yard and see the beautiful yellow of the lemons, as they hang on their tree in the sunlight. The breeze is blowing, fresh and sweet. There’s not a cloud in the sky. Inside my house, my children are playing with their toys as I type this, blissfully unaware of the seriousness of the current global situation. The dog is barking at the mailman. There are clean towels in a laundry basket that need folding and putting away.

In short, there’s still beauty, normalcy that’s been taken for granted, and steadfast hope among the surreal.

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2 thoughts on “Surreal

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  2. I totally agree with you, it’s like Zombies will be next! The stock market is what I am worried most about, overnight we lost thousands in our Retirement… that is not good! 😦 I am just doing my best to ride it out, and in a few months there will be Meme’s about the doomsday preepers. haha

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