A Year of Gratitude, Part 1

Back in December, I was given a set of really cute, purse-sized notebooks as one of my birthday gifts. My family and friends know me well. They know autumn is my favorite season, that I like cute, small things, and that I like to write.

While admiring the pretty, golden leaf design on one of the notebooks, I decided I was going to use it specifically to write about the people, things, and events for which I am grateful in my life. While I’m obviously and tremendously grateful for my wonderful children, having a home, my career, etc., I wanted my notes of gratitude to be about everyday life stuff.

I live by two words: tenacity and gratitude. –Henry Winkler

Now that the year is about half-way over, there’s enough in my little notebook to include here on my blog. Some of my thoughts are much too personal for me to share with the entire world, and so I’m not including every single thing I’ve written since the beginning of this year.  You’ll see that I’ve made some of my entries a bit snazzy with stickers and hand-drawn doodles. It’s the teacher in me. πŸ˜‰

January 30, 2019– Thankful for when the weather cooperates during a field trip.
February 12, 2019– Grateful for 3-day weekends!
March 8, 19– It’s so nice to get to work and there are no students yet. Lets me have a few moments of peace ‘n’ quiet, reflection, and solitude in prayer.
April 7, 2019– Opened up the fridge, and was a bit (pleasantly) surprised at the amount of food in it. Grateful for a stocked refrigerator, pantry, and cupboard.
May 1, 2019– Thankful for people who let you go ahead of them in the grocery line.
May 2, 2019– It warmed my heart so much when [students’] parents told me at today’s Open House that they’ve heard really wonderful things about me and about 3rd grade!
May 14, 2019– Grateful for a cool breeze coming through the windows at night.
June 7, 2019– Grateful for a hundred special “little” moments of joy and wonder and love. They’ve certainly added up over the years. ❀
June 17, 2019– There’s nothing quite like lying in the hammock, feeling the warm breeze as it rustles the tree leaves, and hearing the tinkling of the wind chimes.
June 25, 2019– I’m grateful that I get summer break (as well as other breaks throughout the year) to spend time with my children, get projects and tasks done, do some traveling, and relax.

In late December I’ll share some more from the second half of the year, so I hope you’ll check back. I’d love to hear about the things you’re grateful for, so please feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for stopping by. ❀

8 thoughts on “A Year of Gratitude, Part 1

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  3. Love this cousin!! I will have to adopt this little habit. It’s too easy to focus on what’s hectic, or what’s going wrong in your day… having something to be grateful for each day is worth striving for! πŸ™‚


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