Birthday Wisdom

My birthday was a few days ago and it was celebrated with a fabulous party! Happy birthday to me! With age comes wisdom (or so they say), and so I’ve been reflecting on my life and the various intellectual, emotional, and spiritual journeys I’ve taken throughout the years. I’m no wise sage, but there is definitely some valuable wisdom in this post.

birthday photo board

Check out my moxie over the years!

Here are some life lessons I’ve learned along the way to exactly where I am today.

  • While it’s natural to aspire to bold and great things, you’ve got to find contentment and joy in the everyday humdrum of life.
  • If you have a rather bad memory (like yours truly), then take photos or keep a journal. The photos capture the events that happened, while the journal captures how you felt and experienced them.
  • The first person you developed feelings for (I’m talking to you, Joshua W. from the 4th grade a LONG time ago) probably doesn’t even remember you. But you know who does remember you? The person who first got feelings for you.
  • Don’t stress over creating perfect memories for your kids when they’re rather young. They don’t remember anything, anyhow. Couldn’t find the time to take your 3-year-old son to see Santa? He didn’t even notice. Worried that your 7 year-old-daughter’s outfits are an uncoordinated mess? She doesn’t care.
    • They’re too busy playing, using their imagination, and enjoying life. Take note: play more often, use your imagination, and enjoy life.
  • Let’s say you found the perfect top. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. It fits well, it makes you look amazing, and the fabric feels great. Buy more than one! Once your first one becomes too faded, or gets a stain on it, etc, you’ll be glad you have your extra one.
  • Adulting is hard. Some days it feels overwhelming and impossible. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, struggling now and then, or feeling like you’re not doing things “right.” Think about it: we live in a world where technology gives us instant gratification and photo-shopped perfection, and allows people to showcase only their finest moments or most beautiful selves.Β It might be difficult, but try to be real among all of the fake.
  • Keep track of your reasons to be thankful. Gratitude is a wonderful thing.
  • Travel. Travel everywhere. Travel often. If you don’t have enough funds, travel by car. If you don’t get seasick, travel by boat. If you want to get there quickly, travel by plane. If you want to experience the trip and not just the end destination, travel by train.
  • You can tell a lot about a man by the books he reads and the books he recommends to you. Bonus points if any of the books have to do with love.
  • Things like knowing how to play chess, playing a guitar, riding a skateboard, baking a cake from scratch, etc, are all going to be considered lost arts one day, similar in the way that embroidery, playing the lute, and excelling at croquet have become lost arts. Keep your mind sharp, your body active, and try to learn as much as you can.
  • Live your life in such a way that would make your parents and future grandchildren proud, but also in such a way that works for you.
    • Take enough risks so that you feel challenged, but be cautious about being reckless.
    • Love yourself and all of your so-called flaws, but don’t be vain or a snob.
    • Embrace the quirks of life and make the most of them.

Thanks for stopping by! ❀

3 thoughts on “Birthday Wisdom

  1. Amazing as always! Some of things are hitting home for sure. I read something the other day, the lady was saying how you can not believe all those parents out there that are telling everyone that their life/kids etc. are perfect. There are NO perfect kids, nor perfect parents! We are all on a learning journey as we do this. It made me realize that I need to just focus on what makes our family happy. πŸ™‚

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