Running Vs Sleep

A funny thing happens when you take up running as a sort of hobby.

You spend too much money on cool running gear. You start to read books and magazines about running. You join running groups and online running forums. You actually start to maybe enjoy it. You miss it when you can’t go for a run.

For being someone who’s never really done distance running until only a few years ago, all of those are me now, and that last one is definitely me today.

I’m again training for a local half marathon that’s held in early November. This will be my second time running it, and so I am still pretty slow and a little nervous about it. I had fully intended to jog eight miles this morning. (I say jog because I can’t keep up a full running pace the entire time. Sadly, I’ve seen turtles that are faster than me.) I had my gear all laid out and ready. My energy gel was on the kitchen counter, waiting to be put in the pocket of my running capris. Life as a mom is my priority, though, and so here’s how my night and morning went:

  • 10 pm: My legs are feeling slightly achy as I go to bed. It’s as though they are already protesting the eight miles they know are coming in the early hours of the morning. Mile 8 has always been my Achilles’ heel.
  • Around 12:30 am: My daughter starts coughing due to allergies, and all of her coughing wakes me up. I am a good mom and so I get up to get her some allergy meds and some water.
  • Around 3 am: My son comes to our bed to snuggle, but really all he does is toss and turn a lot, and whine for a cup of milk. I am a good mom and so I get up to get him some milk, and return him to his own bed.
  • Around 5 am: One of my dogs, Porkchop, starts whining in my ear to be let outside. I don’t know why she never bugs my husband to be let out. I am a good dog mom, and so I take her out and wait while she does her business.
    • By then, I’m taking it as a sign from the universe that I should just skip my jog for today and maybe try to get a little bit more precious sleep instead.
  • 7 am: Both of my children start to wake up and make noise because they don’t yet know the beautiful joy, the simple pleasure, the wonderful thing that is sleeping in.

So there ya have it. As grouchy as I was when I woke up, I decided to find the silver lining and take it as an opportunity to write this post. And besides, I went to my yoga class on Wednesday, so some amount of exercise did happen this week! I’ll tackle the 8 miles next Saturday. Wish me luck.

woman girl silhouette jogger

(This is not me. Photo by Pixabay on

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