The Parent’s Paradox

As I was playing with my kiddos yesterday morning, an idea started taking shape in my mind: my children are keeping me young, and at the same time, aging me.

Playing around the backyard with them, pretending to be robots and butterflies and dinosaurs, chasing the dogs, soaking up the abundant California sunshine… It’s as though I’m a kid again! I feel years and years younger!


Digging for treasure.

I’m reminded of my real age when I have to catch my breath and pause for a break. I feel like I’m letting my children down, because I don’t have the same energy level as they have to play for hours and hours on end. I’m almost 40 years old.

A few years ago when my daughter hit her head while playing and needed to get staples at the emergency room, that certainly aged me. Both my husband and I were very calm during the emergency, but I think my worry and concern took some of my youth away.

It’s an aging paradox. As long as I can play and be silly with them, I’ve found the fountain of youth. On the other hand, every worry and major concern might be taking precious days or weeks off of my life. What’s a mom to do but try her best to be there for her children through all of life’s new experiences and old tricks, giggles and gray hair, joys and sorrows, wrinkles and worries.

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One thought on “The Parent’s Paradox

  1. It’s like a perfect balance. In that sense, shouldn’t time stand still? If you get too much grey, you are doing it wrong! Thanks for the reminder to play!


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