It seems like I have been an emotional mess these days. Not manic depressive or anything serious like that. Just more in-tune with my emotions than usual. And no, I am not pregnant, so let’s just rule that one out right now.

I was watching the Olympics the other day, specifically the team figure skating, and I got teary eyed when Mirai Nagasu landed her triple axel. Such a cool moment! Yesterday, I was reading an online article about how an Olympic athlete from Mexico (who had only started doing the sport since last year) completed his cross country skiing event in last place. He finished that race as if he had won a medal: with so much pride, happiness, and enthusiasm, not to mention a ton of supportive fans and fellow competitors. Again I had tears.

The recent school shooting in Florida made me sad, frustrated, and appalled. How many innocent people have to die before we start seriously considering some better gun regulations here in the US?! Thoughts and prayers are wonderful, but it’s time we have change and better policies. Yes, we have a constitutional right to bear arms, but there’s got to be more the government can do to help prevent the wrong people from getting guns. As a society, we should all be finding ways to be proactive so that this doesn’t keep happening. I’m a teacher, and tragedies like this have been giving me extra worry and anxiety.

Only two chapters into the book I am currently reading, Mistaken Identity, and the tears are already flowing freely. It’s such an emotional book! It’s one I’ll have to read at home, though, so people don’t think something is wrong with me. I don’t want to be ugly-crying out in public.

My children were watching the first Cars movie the other night, and I joined them around the ending. I got emotional when Lightning McQueen helps The King to cross the finish line for his last race. And don’t even get me started on the movie Up. I cry at the beginning and I cry at the end! Thanks a lot, Disney and Pixar. I’ve seen all of these movies before, and yet they get me every time.

A subscription to AFAR magazine (a travel magazine) has just started coming to my house. I didn’t order it, but apparently I have a full year paid. I’ve asked around, and so far, no one is admitting to buying it for me. I’ve even emailed the magazine’s customer service people to inquire about it, but they haven’t replied yet. I like to travel so I am pretty happy to be receiving this mysterious gift subscription, but I’m also pretty confused!

Last night, I dreamed about my older brother. He was asking for milk to put in his coffee. I got annoyed with him because I didn’t even know he drank coffee. I woke up feeling amused and sad. He passed away almost 5 years ago. I’m glad my brain was able to conjure up such a clear image of him, including his mannerisms. And yet, the sting of his absence is still felt, and always will be.

As always, thanks for stopping by. ❀

One thought on “Emotional

  1. Love this! I think I get teary with the Olympics because those athletes are representing their countries. Some of them are the sole Olympian, so it’s pretty meaningful they are even there!

    That is also great you got to have a vivid dream about your brother. Your subconscious will never allow him to fade completely!!

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