Summer Traveling

Summer break is winding down. In a couple of weeks, my husband and I will be back to teaching, my daughter will be back to school (Kindergarten, here she comes!), and my son will be back with his babysitter/nanny. I try to make our summers spent together as fun as I can. This summer, we went on a handful of different trips. Here are some of the insights I’ve learned over the years and trips, and would like to share with you:

  1. Just because your first child is a good traveler, doesn’t mean your second child will be. Even when she was younger, my daughter has always been content when going on long distance car-rides, but my son starts to get frustrated about 45 minutes into each journey.
  2. A distance that should only take a couple of hours might turn into much longer when you are traveling with children. You have to calculate for frequent pit stops for potty breaks, stretch breaks, snack breaks…
  3. Young kids do not care how nice the hotel room is that you reserve for your family. They care about the bounciness of the hotel beds and if they can build a fort out of all of the pillows. ๐Ÿ˜€
  4. Unless you trust strangers with your camera or phone to get a family photo, you will likely end up with photos of your children and your spouse, or your children and yourself, but probably not any photos of all of you together.

    Fisherman’s Wharf, Monterey


    Roaring Camp Railroad, near Santa Cruz

  5. People will give you all sorts of looks if you decide to use a harness/leash on your toddler. My husband and I got amused looks, confused looks, understanding looks, and judgmental looks. A stroller isn’t feasible in all places, our little guy is getting heavy and squirmy to carry around all of the time, and he likes the freedom of walking around and exploring a bit. I’d rather be secure in the safety of my child than care about what people think of me as a parent.


    Monterey Bay Aquarium

  6. Don’t let something like getting into a car accident on the way home from your trip ruin your vacation happiness. This happened to us when we were returning from a fun few days spent in Monterey. We were part of a 5-car collision where my car’s bumper got pretty darn smashed. My husband had to use some rope to tie it on so we could get home. Thank God none of us were injured, aside from my hubby, whose back was hurting.


    That’s my poor car’s bumper after the car accident.

  7. Your young children may not remember these trips that you so carefully planned, but you’ll have photos and memories to share with them when they are older. And Mama, you’ll smile as you remember what a great time you all had together as a family. โค

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