Sweet Delicious Air

Have you ever caught a whiff of a breeze scented by citrus blossoms? It’s quite possibly the lightest, most heavenly sweet aroma you’ll ever smell.

We live on a third of an acre and have a pretty big backyard for being in the city. It was one of the main reasons why my husband and I bought our house. Over the years, we’ve planted a number of fruit trees to go with the citrus and nut trees that were already established here. The nectarine tree is my favorite; I love fresh, juicy nectarines off of our tree every summer. Their bright reddish-peachy color, their fresh flavor, sweet juices running down my chin and hands as I bite into one that’s been ripened by the early summer sun…

My second favorite would be the citrus trees, especially this time of year. We’ve got a Meyer lemon, an orange, and a grapefruit tree. The fragrance from their blossoms is absolutely divine! It’s hard to put into words, but being a word-nerd, I’ll try. When I step outside, it’s like I can almost taste the sweetness of the air. It’s not a thick, syrupy sweetness. It’s a light, fresh, aromatic sweetness.

It makes me think of spring. Fresh breezes and buzzing bees. Beautiful colors of flowers. Warm, bright sunshine. Soft grass and puffy, white clouds. A sense of newness.

It makes me think of love. The lightness of love. The soothing comfort of love. The sweetness of love. The heady joy of love. The intoxicating, sensual desire of love.

It never seems like the citrus blossoms last all that long, and after they’ve withered and fallen off for the season, I typically forget all about their amazing smell. When spring and the blossoms return next year, and the breeze stirs up their delicate fragrance, I’ll be blessed to have this same delicious, renewing, incredible experience.



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