Small Victories

Sometimes, being a mom is just so dang difficult! If you’ve read last week’s post (titled Just Do Your Best), you’ve seen that I am exhausted these days. After having talks with some of my fellow mama friends, we’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes it’s the small victories that help us to get through each day. It’s worth it to recognize these small victories and celebrate them, especially when times feel tough.

These small victories can be just about anything, and they should remind you that you’re a great mom and to hang in there! Feel free to add any of your own small victories in the comments section. Thanks!

  • You got dinner on the table before 7 pm? Wooo!
  • They might still be in the dryer instead of their dresser drawers, but your children’s clothes are washed, dried, and ready to be worn.
  • Your house-plants are mostly alive, even if they are looking a little thirsty.
  • If you can get at least one of your children into bed on time, that’s a small victory to celebrate!
  • Valentines for your kid’s classmates were purchased a month in advance just so you wouldn’t forget about them? Smart thinking!
  • offers free shipping if you use their REDcard for online purchases, plus you get 5% off your purchase! You never have to leave your house for diapers, wipes, etc again!
  • You achieved a time-management victory if you were able to sort through the mail while the baby took a nap.
  • If you napped while the baby napped, then that’s a self-care victory , which is so necessary when you have kids.
  • You stashed some crayons away in your purse for “just in case” and sure enough, you ended up needing them recently.
  • Singing silly songs with your daughter as you drive her to school means you spent quality time with her.
  • Good news if you were able to take your dog for a quick walk: you got some exercise and fresh air! Bonus points if it was a sunny day, because then you also got some Vitamin D!
  • My cousin reminded me about the importance of just being there for your kids as a small victory. Before bed, she looks forward to talking with her son about their day, with no TV or cell phones being a distraction.
  • Hearing your child say, “I love you, Mama” is definitely a victory.
  • Finding out that your child did the right thing even when you weren’t around is a major victory! ❤

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