I Do Not Feel Like Super Mom

It is past the baby’s nap time. He doesn’t like pacifiers, and I do not want to be a human pacifier. He is screaming his head off in his crib.

I do not feel like Super Mom.

My daughter caught a cold from someone in her class. Her nose is drippy and I am trying to teach her how to blow it. She’s crying because her throat hurts and she doesn’t understand that it will take a few days to start feeling better.

I do not feel like Super Mom.

The dishes are piled up in the sink. My computer desk is a mess. I think my dog went poo somewhere in my house, but for the life of me, I cannot find anything but the smell. Maybe my daughter hid one of her brother’s dirty diapers under the couch.

I do not feel like Super Mom.

I’ve been bringing home students’ papers from my job just to try to stay on top of all the grading I have to do. My husband wants to talk about his Robotics team, but I don’t have the energy or focus to listen.

I do not feel like Super Mom.

I forgot about some laundry that I had washed a couple of days ago. It’s been sitting in the washing machine and now it smells like mildew. I’ll have to wash it all over again. California is in a severe drought. I’m out of laundry detergent.

I do not feel like Super Mom.

My daughter just handed me a drawing. She’s explaining that the figures are her baby brother, herself, and me. She drew a big smile on her face because she’s so happy that I am her Mama, she drew her brother with his arms up because he knows I will give him a big hug when he wakes up, and she drew a big heart on me because she says it’s filled with love.

I am back to being Super Mom.

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