The Truth About Being a Working Mom

This article from The (see link below) pretty much sums up my life right now with trying to juggle being the mommy of my 2 precious children, a loving wife, a productive teacher, a fun friend, and my quirky self. It is not easy! I often take work home with me. Some days I don’t eat breakfast until about 10 am. The mail piles up all week until I can sort through it on the weekend. It is taking me forever to finish reading a novel that I started a couple of months ago. A few of my friends probably think I’ve disappeared. It’s difficult to find time to write for this blog… You get the idea.


The Truth About Being a Working Mom — Know what to expect after maternity leave. Get the inside scoop on what a working mom’s life is like.

Source: The Truth About Being a Working Mom – Your Life – Parenting