The Joys of Christmas

I love this time of year!

There’s my birthday and of course, Christmas. Mugs of delicious hot chocolate to sip. Twinkling lights all around the city. Decorating our Christmas tree and house so that everything is festive. Favorite movies such as The Holiday, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Serendipity, and Love Actually. Cozy nights spent by the fireplace. Holiday parties to attend…

Santa blog

My two children are my greatest joys and blessings!

As a mommy of a 4-year-old daughter and a newborn son, there are just so many joys for me this holiday season:

  • hearing the oohs and aahs from my daughter, Emily, as we drive down streets festively lit up with beautiful and bright yard displays
  • buying fun, funky, and unique gifts for my nieces, nephew, students, and my children
  • cherishing the smiles from my newborn son, Logan, and hearing his first giggles
  • seeing my mother lovingly cut out and glue homemade ornaments with my daughter
  • eating all of the delicious treats (homemade or not) given to us by various friends
  • reading the heartfelt messages written to me by my students in their Christmas cards
  • feeling how the holiday spirit brings out the love and generosity in others–so heart warming!
  • watching the excitement grow in Emily when she opens each little window of her Advent calendar as we approach Christmas
  • baking banana bread with Emily because that’s what she wants to give her Nana (my mom) for a Christmas gift
  • loving my family and friends a bit more than usual because I know that our time together here on Earth is not unlimited
  • delighting in all of the warm wishes I received for my birthday, which is 4 days before Christmas
  • being thankful for my life and for my children, which I know are the most precious gifts God has ever given me
  • enjoying my 2-week-long Winter Break with my family (a perk of being a teacher)
  • experiencing the joy and magic of the holiday season through the anticipation and delight of my children

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for your continued support of my blog and we’ll see you next year!

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