He’s Here!

Well, it’s almost a month later, but I am finally getting around to announcing the birth of our baby here on my blog! Our bundle of joy, Logan, was born on September 30 after a very short 4-hour labor.


This little guy is such a blessing! He lets me sleep a little bit longer at night than my daughter did when she was a newborn. I’m still sleep-deprived, but I don’t feel like a zombie. He reminds me to be patient, which is a character trait I have struggled with for a while now. Β All seems right in the world when he is cuddled up in my arms and has such a sweet, serene expression after being nursed. He brings out maturity and responsibility in Emily, who loves being a big sister. She happily throws away his dirty diapers and lovingly kisses him on the head when he cries. My mother adores Logan and, since someone mentioned that he resembles my late brother when he was a baby, she has a look of bittersweet joy in her eyes every time she looks at him. (One of his middle names is Thomas, after my brother.) With his innocent and wide-eyed baby gaze, Logan eases some of the stress my husband has after a long day teaching his high-school students. Even our dogs, Porkchop and Beans, seem happy that there is another member in their pack.

In short, Logan completes my little family in such a perfect way. ❀

My little cuddle monster.

My little cuddle monster.

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