BIG News!

Now that our family and friends know, I can finally announce some exciting baby bump news here for all of you loyal readers:

We’re expecting a baby boy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Our Family Shoes*

Our little guy is due on my daughter’s birthday in October, so this should make for some interesting birthday party planning down the road. The two of them will be 4 years apart, quite possibly to the day (although I think there’s only like a 3% chance that he will be born on the same day as my daughter).

Honestly, Emily didn’t want a little brother at first. Her reason was that “boys are stinky.” Now however, she seems to be fine with the idea of getting a baby brother soon. I think the idea is a bit abstract for her and she won’t understand until her baby brother comes home from the hospital to live with us.

As for us, my husband and I feel excited and blessed to soon have one of each! (I was secretly hoping for a little boy this time to complete our family.) I’m a little bit nervous though, because I only have experience with raising my girl. Plus, I remember how difficult the first few months with a newborn are. Nonetheless, it’s going to be great! I’m also thankful that I will have more to write about on my blog as I continue this Mommy chapter of my life. I’m a little over half way there, so wish me luck!

*Photo credit: photo was taken by my husband’s friend, James.

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