Essential Oils for Mommy and Baby

Essential oils. What’s all the hype? You may have seen more and more information about them popping up in the media. I’ve only been mildly curious about essential oils, so imagine my surprise when two different friends recently invited me to attend workshops on the uses, application, and benefits of essential oils! (Thanks Karen and Jacey!) Not only did I learn a lot, I also got to enjoy some time with friends and score some free samples!

My favorites are lavender and bergamot. Lavender is known for its soothing and calming properties. I also associate it with femininity, so I will crush some of the lavender that we have growing in our front yard and rub it into my wrists and neck before I go out with my husband. Instant perfume! I once had lavender cupcakes and they were amazing! As many of you already know, bergamot is a key ingredient in Earl Grey tea. Bergamot is claimed to be helpful with stress and depression. I love the aromaΒ and flavor of it.

While they aren’t favorites, I use eucalyptus oil in my house during the cold/flu season because it really helps to open up one’s sinuses, and I use lemon grass whenever I start to feel sluggish. Lemon grass has a fresh, zesty scent that is wonderfully aromatic. Rosemary oil is reported to be good for aiding in memory, so I will diffuse it in my classroom from time to time. Vanilla Bean oil is good to calm and soothe. A few drops added to coffee taste nice.

There are a ton of different oils and brands out there, so do your research to see if essential oils are something which would benefit you and your family. Also, shop around at different health food stores and online to get the best quality you can afford for your budget.

I found the following article online and so I hope it provides some of you mommies out there with some beneficial and insightful information. It discusses some of the essential oils that are useful during labor and delivery. I didn’t know about essential oils when I had my first baby, but I’m thinking I might consider using them for my next. If they help, then that’s already a plus! Click here:Β Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery – The Bump Blog.

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