A Child’s Honesty

The other day, my daughter, Emily, was in the other room and I noticed it was awfully quiet. Those of you with children know that this silence can go either way. Numerous times, I have found Emily quietly and contentedly “reading” one of her books. Such a beautiful sight for this book-worm mommy to see! Other times, silence is a major cause of suspicion. Anyhow, this conversation occurred:

Me (in the kitchen): Emily, what are you doing?
Emily (in the living room): Drinking water.
Me (alarmed and confused): Drinking water from where?!
Emily (nonchalant and very matter-of-fact): Porkchop’s water bowl.

Porkchop is our dog. Yuck.ย I love how my daughter is still so young, innocent, and honest. On the other hand, the few times she has lied to me were so obvious and cute. For example:

Me: Did you draw in your book?
Emily (with marker ink all over her hands): No.

Or this one:

Me (noticing a chunk of her board book missing): Emily, did you eat the paper?
Emily (spitting out bits of the page): No, Mama.

I love her so!

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