An Impressive Year of Blogging

I started this blog back on January 5 of this year. I had intended it to be a way for me to share my mommyhood experiences, and yet looking back over the year, I see that it has taken me in all sorts of directions! I’ve expanded it to include a page with my recipes, a page with my photography, and a number of blog posts that have little or nothing to do with being a new mommy. I’ve slowly built up the layout, although I may make some changes to it next year. Overall, it’s been a great writing adventure for me! Moxie!

Below are some of my blog’s statistics. I am humbled by them and I am so appreciative to everyone for their continued support of this venture.

  • Total Number of Views: 1373!
  • Date with the Most Views: February 10
  • Total Number of Posts This Year: 33
  • Current Number of Followers: 156!
  • Country Which Viewed My Blog the Most: United States with 1,226 views!
  • Most Viewed Post: “Dedicated to Tom” published in July
  • Number of Photos/Other Media Used This Year: 44
  • Number of Tags Used This Year: 42
  • My Favorite Posts: it’s a tie between “Love Is…” published in March and “Somebody Get Me a Time Machine” published in January

I have to admit that many times I struggled to come up with anything clever. With censoring my thoughts for the general public, I felt like some of my writing lost its genuine emotions and clarity. In addition, sometimes I agonized so much over proper grammar that some posts got revised to the point of frustration. I know I use commas too often and/or in the wrong places, so if you’re a grammarian, I hope you will look past these faux pas to the contents of my heart.

If you haven’t taken a look around my blog, please feel free. I’ve tried to make it user-friendly and easy to navigate. Check out my archives for the posts that started it all, my recipes, or just whatever catches your interest. Thank you so much and Happy New Year!

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