Not So Jolly Holidays

This will be our first holiday season without my older brother, Thomas. He passed away back in June after a short, yet valiant battle with cancerWith Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas quickly approaching, my family and I will have to endure all the cheer and festivities with heavy hearts. After this, we have to make it through his birthday in April (he would have turned 41) and then the one year anniversary of his death in June. That will complete one year of grieving. From what I’ve been told, it gets a little easier after that. We’ll see.

I find it surreal how life has continued without him, although I know that’s how it goes. A few times I have forgotten that he is no longer with us, and I’ve wanted to call him up to share some funny story or incredible news with him. It’s a small comfort knowing he is experiencing much funnier stories and incredible things up there in heaven with God.


Here is my brother, Tom,  doing what he loved best.

Here is my brother, Tom, doing what he loved best: running a steam engine.

Happy Thanksgiving to those that are still with us and to our dearly departed. We love and miss you so much, Tom. We’ll be thinking of you…

2 thoughts on “Not So Jolly Holidays

  1. Dear Andrea, My mother has been gone for 6 years, and there is not a day passes that I don’t think of her. She was my dear devoted responsibility for many years. I am sorely disappointed that my dear Joe has not been thought of more by his adult children. He has had his heart broken by the loss of his son Thomas. He gave this wonderful man LIFE. Life is never a guarantee, God has already made his plans for our life the day we are born. Tom’s beautiful picture sits on his chest of drawers in the bedroom, I’m sure that he & Tom chat on a daily basis. Your dad is as good as they come. I should know ~ have a wonderful holiday Andrea ~ keeping in mind that your ‘dad’ feels the pain and the loss of his son every day.. Happy Thanksgiving . Suzanne


  2. Andie, a very nice tribute to Tom. Yes, it will be very strange to experience our first major holidays without my nephew and godchild. Like you, I sometimes can’t believe he’s not just around the corner and we could talk. Peace and love to you, Mary and Michael this season. Love, Tia Terri


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